We’re wiping the dust off from the Let’s Make series, with a big comeback of an interesting project – SMS Home Alarm 2

Let's make: SMS Home Alarm 2

We’re coming back with new and improved Let’s make projects starting this winter. We want to use the convenience of PIC clicker and Click Boards to create interesting and compact devices you can use in your home and work.

Today we’ll show you how to create a cheap and effective home-made SMS alarm solution. You’ll be able instantly receive SMS whenever an unauthorized entry happens to your home while you’re away. We need following parts: PIC clicker, GSM click, Relay click, Motion sensor board, right angle GSM antenna, four 1×8 stacking connectors as well as 10 Wire Jumpers (female-to-female). We’ll put them together and load a HEX file provided on Libstock website to create a working device. Here’s what you need to do:


The alarm is very simple. Once powered up it needs to be armed with a single click of a button. Then it will start to continuously read data coming from motion sensor. If the movement is detected system will automatically send SMS to predefined phone number. You’ll have 10 seconds to disarm it, or alarm will go off.

The whole thing is easily scalable. You can upgrade it’s behaviour it by changing source code or enrich it with more features. Kit is available for sale at only $129.00.

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