We present you with a great new project from Let’s makeSmart SMS Relay Control Station project.

Remotely controlled and monitored systems are becoming increasingly popular by the day. Smart automata, such as SMS vending machines or parking ticket payment stations became part of our everyday lives. We are presenting you with a fantastic and most useful project, which can have dozens of great applications. Using PICPLC4 v6, TelitGM862 GSM/GPRS module, Potentiometer Board, SHT1X Temperature and Humidity Sensor, and EasyInput Boards, we have created Smart SMS relay Control Station and an example which you can adjust according to your needs.

Visit the Project’s webpage for more project details, photos, shematics, free source code and a demonstration video.

If you like the project, you can purchase the project kit ang get fast FREE SHIPPING (with DHL).

Smart SMS Relay Control Station
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