It’s been a while since our last Let’s Make… project, so we have decided to make something interesting to make it up to you.

Using mikromedia for XMEGA, SHT1X PROTO Board, Battery Boost Shield and some Wire Jumpers, we have created a portable, fancy Temperature and Humidity Datalogger device. It draws cool graph of temperature and humidity values that are read each second from the SHT1X sensor, but you can also just click the microSD card into slot, and it will automatically start logging the read values in the file on the card.

Having Battery Boost Shield in the kit, you can just place 2xAAA batteries and carry your personal datalogger with you all day. You can also stick it somewhere on your wall at home or in your car and monitor the air temperature.

Project kit is available at the project’s webpage, and if you decide to purchase it, you will get a FREE SHIPPING with DHL! It’s a great opportunity to equip yourself with a great hardware and a fun and useful project.

Let's make project 07 - Datalogger for Temperature and Humidity
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