How much G force can a Ferrari accelerating down a public road produce? How much can a complete novice accelerate learning basic for embedded? You’ll find out from guys behind SCIO.

SCIO on Kickstarter

SCIO is an educational board for people who never ever had contact with programming but want to learn. It’s for those who are amazed at all the wonders of the maker world but feel left out because their lack of programming skills; for people who don’t want to be just spectators on the fringes of the worlwide maker community, but want to participate. It’s not necessarily for youngsters, but for anyone at all who wants to create gadgets but feels it’s too early to grab an Arduino or Pi.

But on the other hand, even though it’s fun, it’s not a product that confuses entertainment for education.

The SCIO team created a combo comprising a custom-built PIC-equipped board, which will be supplemented by courseware, and as for the environment where actual coding takes place… well… what do you know… it’s mikroBasic for PIC!

Here’s how they put it:

SCIO fills an education gap for programmable boards. When someone buys a Raspberry Pi or Arduino without any prior programming experience, this person often reports being lost because they do not have the technical skills to use it. The information available for programming and using these devices is often difficult to understand for beginners.

You can trust the hardware too, because SCIO creators are sporting an “Authorized Microchip Design Partner” badge.

Check them out on Kickstarter and give your support.

Man, with more and more Kickstarter projects involving our products coming out, it’s time we crowd-funded something cool ourselves. We must seriously think about it.

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