A Japanese business delegation visited MikroElektronika today. The visit was organized by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, and the Serbian Development Agency. We were glad to welcome them all, and explain who we are and what we do.

After a presentation on our company history, and how the story of MikroElektronika began, our CEO Nebojsa Matic talked about the main product lines and showed the Japanese delegation our production facilities.

It’s always a fun experience to show people how we make our click boards™, development boards, mikroProg™ debuggers, and clicker boards.

This was a great opportunity to expand technological cooperation between our two sides. Japan has always been an inspiration when it comes to innovative technologies. Let’s see what the future holds for us together.

After the official tour, everyone had a chat on the terrace, before they posed for a group photo.


This organization was originally established in 1958, to promote Japan’s export. Today they mainly focus on promoting direct investments into Japan.

JETRO has more than 70 offices worldwide, and they use this network to conduct research on current trends in the economy. Based on this they support economic partnerships, between Japan and other countries.

For more information about JETRO, see this page.

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