We’ve got some new MikroElektronika goodies of the non semiconductor type.


If you’re willing to take fashion advice from electronics nerds, consider donning a brand new MikroElektronika Polo shirt, in candy apple red with elegant white stripes on the collar and sleeves. Many of us wear them to work. Pass by our Chief of Hardware Dusan’s office, and you’ll see him wearing one while inspecting new prototypes. Feel like you’re part of our team, and be classy while tinkering with your favorite kits and Click boards.

Never lose your keys or your RFID tag again with a MikroElektronika ribbon, also in red or white. These are top-notch, the ribbon feels like smooth satin and it doesn’t look out of place hanging over a suit and tie.

And if you really like us, complete your MikroElektronika swag collection with badges and pens, also in our red or white coloring, with an addition of a yellow Libstock pen.

Find them on the newly created Fanware category in our online store.

Yours sincerely,

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