Dear friends, contributors and Forum members,

We are so excited to announce that we have successfully launched the long-awaited Libstock website:

It was a result of hard work, enthusiasm of us embedded geeks, who love being a part of a great mikroElektronika community. This website is for you, and for us, and everybody is welcome to join. We want it to become the best place for code embedded programmers can have.

Libstock is here!

We all now officially have the most convenient infrastructure for sharing and downloading code, and lot’s of other activities, you will discover possible on Libstock.

We have introduced features such as filters, sorting, search, notifications, categories, code types, comments and version control, which allow Libstock to be fast and intuitive, convenient for browsing and finding the desired code.

But Libstock is much more than that. It’s like Facebook for coders! We can have our own profiles where we can put information about ourselves we find relevant, and which may boost confidence of others in our code. It will bring a face and personality to our communication.

We have also allowed each code to have a blog, as the best way for promoting your work and providing marketing for your code.

Lot of you helped form the Libstock as it is now by participating in the discussions on Forum. We thank you all. Your suggestions were most useful. And we are still listening.

We now kindly ask for your support and for your help to get this website filled with code. Everything you find worthy of sharing, your custom library or projects, whether just in compiled form, or with entire source, you can upload as of right now. As the matter of fact, it would be great if you could upload at least one of your codes today! It would give us information on how the website is functioning, is it intuitive enough and whether you can easily find and do what you want there.

We want your feedback on this, but most of all, we want you to experience Libstock.

We have just released the new Package Manager 2.30 which supports library dependencies and is free of reported bugs, so you can all download it if you want to share your code in Package Manager form, because this form is preferred by Libstock. But don’t worry, Libstock accepts .RAR and .ZIP packages, too.

A big job has been done, but it was most interesting and exciting to be a part of Libstock development Team. We’ll keep adding new features as the website develops.

See you on Libstock!

mE Team

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