We imagine this mikromedia plus for PIC32MX is responsible for many successful engagements (and happy marriages from there).

The mikromedia plus for PIC32MX in this picture is slightly out of context because the people that sent us didn’t want to disclose much. The display is switched off on purpose, but when it’s on, it shows a interface that controls a diamond cutting machine.

A quick glance at wikipedia reveals that 92% of diamond cutting takes place in India. And at least in one instance, now we know, a mikromedia board is involved in the process. How did that happen?

Krishnananda K Hedge, an engineer from Mangalore who sent us this picture, said that a simple google search did the trick:

We found the mikromedia board through a Google search. Designing Graphical User Interface became very easy by using your Visual TFT Software. Before we used to design Graphical user interface through font generation tools and we had to manually write codes to link the Graphics and Touch. And so whenever we had to change the User Interface we had to link the Touch area of the new or shifted control again which makes doing changes to the user interfacing according to user requirements very difficult and time consuming. With this software it’s all automatic. We need to just design the user interface and add events to the controls and the code is automatically generated.

In this setup we have designed a Baseboard board upon which we are mounting Mikromedia Plus board for touch and display purpose. Also mounted on the Baseboard are few Stepper and DC Motor Driver modules which again are controlled by Mikromedia Plus. The Mikromedia module is also continuously monitoring a couple of sensors to keep track of the status of the machine.

Cutting diamonds is extremely difficult (again, according to wikipedia) so we’re glad that some of our hardware and software made it easier. Especially if a few engagement and wedding rings came out of it!

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Yours sincerely,

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