IrThermo 2 click carries a contactless temperature sensor named after a famous secret agent.

IrThermo 2 click

The name is Click. IrThermo 2 click. It carries TI’s TMP007 infrared thermopile sensor with an integrated math engine.

What it means is that you can measure the temperature of, say, a vodka martini, without having to dip the actual sensor in the shaken-not-stirred liquid. Instead, the sensor absorbs infrared energy from the target object and the internal math engine calculates the temperature with a 14-bit resolution, in a range between -40 to 125°C.

The data is communicated to the target board MCU through mikroBUS™ I2C pins, but there’s also an Alert pin, which can send an interrupt when, say, the vodka martini reaches its ideal temperature.

Other than cocktails, the remote sensing capabilities are ideal for monitoring internal heatsinks, batteries, or objects that present a hazard otherwise (high voltage for example).

See more details on the product page. Also, Libstock examples, which are more useful to Q than to his agent, are ready.


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