A perfect set of eyes for the Buggy.

IR distance click

IR distance click has eyes like WALL-E the robot. That’s the Sharp GP2Y0A60SZ0F distance measuring sensor, consisting of an integrated position sensitive detector, an infrared LED and a signal processing unit.

As far as infrared distance sensors go, it’s far sighted, with a measuring range from 10 to 100 cm. The distance is communicated to the target MCU through the mikroBUS AN pin, a voltage corresponding to the distance of the object.

IR distance click seems to be the perfect pair of eyes for the Buggy, our robot 4-wheeler platform. The one-meter range is enough to make it decrease the speed in time to avoid obstacles.

It won’t work if you put it in the mirror-room from the Bruce Lee movie, but otherwise the sensor is not easily influenced by the reflectivity of the object you are trying to measure.

Other than robotics, the sensor can be employed for creating touch-less switches (for a more complex touch-less interface see the Gesture board), and all sorts of energy-saving devices.

More details on the product page. The Libstock examples are also ready.


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