Australia has three times more sheep than people. The Australian state of Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world. Over 21 million of wild camels are roaming the Australian outback as you are reading this.

So, now you’re probably wondering why we are telling you all this.

Well our new distributor, the IoT Store is based in sunny Perth, Australia. If you are living down under MikroElektronika products are close by and available. Clicker boards, Hexiwear, click boards™, mikromedia boards – it’s all there.

IoT Store

The IoT Store is the Internet of Things and embedded system’s distributor based in Perth. They are striving to be the number one Australian online distributor for high-quality DIY Products covering the whole range of Internet of Things, embedded systems, smart home and wearables, development kits, sensors, and robotics.

For more information visit the IoT Store Australia official page.

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