Continuing with the education theme this week, here’s a report from our visit to Myanmar’s Technological University in Thanlyn.

Myanmar education

Marko from our software department and Petar from the support team went to Myanmar from November 09 to December 7 to instruct a course to University professors and graduate students.


The five day fast-paced instruction was an intro to mikroC, PIC microcontrollers, and EasyPIC v7. The idea is to provide intermediate and advanced courses later on, with the long-term goal of training the attending professors to teach those subjects to their students.


The course — organized with the help Yangong Development Co. Ltd., our distributor there — took place at the Technological University in Thanlyin (Yangon Division), but professors and students from a number of Myanmar’s universities attended.

What’s striking from all these visits to Myanmar is that they seem to be improving from month to month. Everything seems better with each visit in terms of the organization, classroom environment and so on. The only thing that’s stagnating are our karaoke abilities.

Yours sincerely,

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