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Starting with the new release of PIC compilers today, we are introducing a new licensing model tailored specifically for schools and offices.

Our new Site licenses have been developed with educational institutions in mind, but are equally suited for 2-person teams and entire R&D departments as well. They allow you to purchase a compiler license (or Visual TFT and Visual GLCD) for multiple users at better prices.

As a Site license owner, you deploy and manage compiler access for a network of users – whether those are students in a classroom or colleagues in an office. This approach gives you a lot of flexibility. Individual compilers are not tied to individual computers/users. For example, if you buy a Site license for 50 users, that only means that up to 50 users can use the compilers at the same time. This is great for students and classrooms.

Access is controlled from a Site license Manager application which runs a server from your computer. You get the installation upon purchase, we have it both for Linux and PC.

Prices will be quoted based on quantity required, but we will also extend additional benefits to educational institutions. If you are interested, please contact us for a quote.

mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal have plenty of features that makes them great for educational use, but – until now – the licensing model was not one of them. Site Licenses solve that problem.

The new compiler version was necessary to add compatibility with the Site License Manager app. We will roll-out similar updates for all the other compilers in the following weeks.

There have been some other fixes as well, check the What’s New section once you install the compiler.

Yours sincerely,

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