Our newest distributor for the UK is The Debug Store. Based in Carrog (county of Denbighshire, Wales), The Debug Store is a specialist online distributor of innovative development, manufacturing and testing tools.

Debug Store

The company was founded in 1990 by John Legg. John had years of experience as an electronics design engineer prior to starting his business. He then brought all that expertise into servicing customers, ensuring a high level of satisfaction.

John Legg is also an idea machine and that’s something that’s part of Debug’s company culture. Beyond just pointing you to a product to buy, by working with The Debug Store you’ll also get genuinely helpful pointers and suggestions for solving your engineering problems.

“Really appreciated the advice. It makes a change to find a reseller who understands us”

“I will definitely recommend you to others, and use you again should the need arise.”

“What an interesting store! You have lots of interesting goodies. I’ll be back”

Those are some of the testimonials from The Debug Store’s customers. With the addition of MikroE tools, we hope the list grows even larger.

Yours sincerely,

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