Imagine a slot machine with spinning click boards in place of pictures of cherries or lemons. Which click board combination would be your jack pot? Let us know and we might just give it to you.

Create your click pack

Last summer we introduced click packs — thematic collections of four click boards each. For example, the most popular “Beyond keys” click pack includes everything you would need to build an RFid lock: RFid click, cc3000 click, relay click, and a buzz click. Other packs have names like “Storm chaser’s click pack”, “Pollution preventer click pack”, “Voice remote click pack” and so on.

You could save anywhere from $6.9 to $15.9 (Wireless Guru click pack) if you bought a click pack instead of purchasing the same click boards individually. The discount rate is approximately 10% (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Click packs were intended to inspire you to start new projects by drawing attention to compatible click board combinations.

Now, 8 months after click packs were introduced, there are 24 new click boards. We have gas sensors, magnetic Hall sensors, OLED displays, more choices for gps, WiFi, and so on. There are more possibilities for combining them, but it’s also easier to miss a good idea.

That’s why we’re turning to you for help. We want to introduce new click packs, but this time based on your ideas.

Go browse our click board list and try to think of a combination of four click boards that might be turned into a useful gadget. Then type them out and fill out this Google Form. Don’t leave the second field blank — we want to hear the thinking behind your idea.

Once we gather the most interesting ideas, we’ll put them out for a vote. Top voted gets their click pack for free. Runners-up get the chance to purchase the click packs they invented (saving about 10%).

Start brainstorming right away. Fill the form. We’ll get back to you some time next week to kick off the voting round.

Yours sincerely,

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