Going back to our core values – empowering engineers.


The good ol’ days

Once a month our readers would drop their hot soldering irons and rush off to the nearest news stand to get the latest issue of MikroElektronika.

This was in the late nineties when we were a local electronics magazine.

It was primarily an educational publication. But many people were not able to make the most of it. The hardware required to follow the tutorials was hard to come by.

So we started making development tools. Now readers could follow a tutorial step by step and learn more every month! It was a beautiful model that turned many enthusiasts into serious engineers.

The new MikroElektronika

With the advent of broadband Internet, however, the print publishing business died. Luckily the development tools were so good that the local magazine became a globally recognized hardware supplier.

But we had a nagging feeling that many of our customers couldn’t make the most of what we offered. The situation was now reversed: tutorials required to use the hardware were hard to come by.

Well, as of today, the circle is complete again.

Back to our core values – learn.mikroe.com

There’s a new subdomain on our website fully dedicated to detailed tutorials. From in-depth instructions about sensors on different click boards, to treatises on coding standards, to guides on porting our libraries to other development environments! All tutorials supplemented with code snippets, and GitHub repos so that you can easily take advantage of it – vast improvement compared to our print publishing days.

Our firmware department has already published hours of reading material. The editor in chief is Richard Lowe. He used to be a college Computer Science professor. Students graduating from his classes would leave off for jobs with larger starting salaries than their professor. That is to say, teaching is something Richard excels at.

In another leap compared to the print age, this is meant to be an interactive experience. On learn.mikroe.com you can post comments on articles, ask questions, get involved.

Whether you are learning, or making a living with MikroE tools – the new section on our webpage, and our renewed focus on our company’s core values will make a big difference for everyone.

Blowing the dust off some classics – redesigned ebook section

We even revisited the classics. Books, which are to this day the most visited section of our page, are now completely redesigned, offering a reading experience fit for the age of Kindle. Access them directly from the new navigation bar on the top of the site. Read them from your computer or smartphone screen. When you see how nice it is, you’ll want to reread the books you already know.

Enjoy the rewamped MikroE experience!

Yours sincerely,

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