Gavrilo from Petnica’s Applied Physics and Electronics lab sent us a few pictures from the “microcontroller school”, a short introductory course they’ve organized at the Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade (a high-school for gifted math and physics students.)


Here’s what’s it about, according to Gavrilo:

“We bring a dozen development boards and spend a few hours explaining microcontrollers to them. After that we divide the class into few small groups and give them a variety of challenges to solve”

MCU school

For students there, it’s an opportunity to dip a toe into the world of embedded electronics, and to decide whether it’s something they would want to pursue further.

microcontroller school 2

We featured Gavrilo and his friends on our site when they visited us right after their stint at the Eurobot competition this year.

The team already started developing the robot for next year’s event. This time they’ve created a blog to document their progress. It’s called APE Robotics. For now it features the article we wrote about them a few months ago, but we expect it to grow in the future.

Aside from Gavrilo, that article mentions Stefan from the same team, who was an intern with us for a short while. He developed the mikromedia WiFi weather station, which is the first project from our intern’s lab that we featured on our site.

All in all the APE Robotics team is a very active group.

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