mikromedia HMI is a new product line comprising 18 smart displays optimized for use as OEM parts.

mikromedia HMI display

We created mikromedia HMI boards because a subgroup of our customers started using original mikromedia boards beyond the development phase, as OEM parts.

We wrote about it often: the minimaus beet-loader, the marathon suitcase, the Warmatronic heat pumps.

To make things simpler (and more lucrative) for those customers, mikromedia HMI keeps only the essential components that simplify its integration into a final product, whilst keeping overall costs down by removing all the excessive circuitry (which is otherwise desired on a dev board).

We are introducing a total of 18 boards. They come in four sizes: 3.5″, 4.3″, 5″, 7″, with different touchscreen options (capacitive, resistive, or without). For integrating into larger systems, they either have mounting frames or high quality glass bezels.

mikromedia HMI are powered by a FT900Q 32-bit MCU, with displays by Riverdi, our partners whose displays we started selling two weeks ago. We have a strong partnership with Riverdi, they will give mikromedia HMI boards additional exposure by showcasing them the Display Conference in San Francisco this week.

mikromedia HMI boards integrate a microSD card and additional Flash for expanding storage capacity, a haptic feedback motor, small audio speaker, and a micro USB connector. A connector for interfacing the MCU with external electronics, along with a separate connector for FT903Q’s parallel camera interface.

For development purposes, we also made a mikromedia HMI breakout board which is compatible with all 18 models.

The mikromedia brand has a successful track record as an OEM part. mikromedia HMI is a major improvement on the recipe. See our learn article to get a sense of how the board integrates with our software toolchain FT90x compilers and VisualTFT). Pre-order to a evaluate. Shipping starts on June 21.

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