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The end of summer is here, and our French interns are slowly leaving MikroElektronika. Last Friday Alex and Pierre Henry departed to continue their studies in France. It’s a bit sad to say goodbye, but we are happy that we had this chance to get to know both of them. This is especially true for their mentors from the Hardware department, as they spent the most time together.

They were with us for two whole months, just like their six colleagues that left in July. It’s a French invasion here (we are not complaining).

MikroE french interns

But they didn’t leave before throwing a party. We are good at a lot of things, here in Belgrade, but we are especially good at having a great party.

So, read on and find out how it all went.

click board™ projects

Both Alex and Pierre Henry had three click board™ projects each to complete while they were here. Of course, they had the help of their mentors from the hardware department. Both interns could turn to their mentors whenever they had any doubts or needed guidance with the projects.

The presentations started an hour before the party, just as everyone was finishing work, and getting in the mood for the celebration.

Pierre Henry held the presentation first, while Alex was going over his notes.

Pierre-Henry had a lovely intro about his home town of Angers in France, and why it’s more beautiful than Paris. We must admit that he convinced us. It’s hard not to believe such gorgeous images.

Later on, they both presented the click board™ projects they did over the summer. They say that this experience showed them they are capable of leading a project from beginning to end. Also, they learned how to communicate with different people within the company, and just what it takes to make a functional click board™ (both on the hardware and the software side).

Party at MikroE

Like all good parties here at MikroElektronika, it all starts with some cold beer and a positive attitude.

We could make an attempt to describe the soft afternoon light, the cold beer on the green lawn, the music coming from the speakers in the corners, but it’s better if we just show you the images.

Going to Beer Fest™ Belgrade

We asked Alex and Pierre Henry what was the most fun thing they did or experienced while they were in Belgrade.

Definitely going to Beer Fest. The Mikroe team took us for the festival two weeks ago, and it was awesome,” says Pierre Henry.

Belgrade Beer Fest™ takes place every year in August. It lasts five days, and over 500.000 people usually visit it. The guys went with their mentors from the hardware department – the most experienced part of the company when it comes to partying.

Let’s hope that they’ll pay us a visit next summer.

Yours sincerely,


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