In two consecutive posts on his blog, Andrew Hazelden wrote tutorials for interfacing Thumbstick click and SHT1x click with Raspberry Pi, using the Pi click shield.

Interfacing Thumbstick and SHT1x clicks with Raspberry Pi

We’re serving two pieces of Raspberry Pi goodness for you today, courtesy of Libstock award winner Andrew Hazelden.

In the first of two posts, Andrew shows you how to interface a Thumbstick click with a Pi. Thumbstick click is an analog joystick, like the ones found on Playstation joypads. Andrew’s Python script reads the Thumbstick click data using the open source webiopi library on Raspbian Linux.

The second post is with SHT1x click, the temperature and humidity sensor we recently featured in our mikromedia WiFi weather station. The Python script reads and displays temperature, humidity and dew point data from the sensor.

Both Python scripts are available on Libstock (thumbstick, sht1x) as well as on Andrew’s blog, where they are presented in a step by step manner.

And while we’re at it, here’s another item for all you Pi fans:

The FlowPaw board we recently wrote about is also compatible with Raspberry Pi; just the other day two video demos of the click board-equipped FlowPaw connected to a Pi were posted on the FlowPaw blog. (You’ll have to wait until about September to get FlowPaw, meanwhile, check out the Pi click shield).

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