There wasn’t an official MikroE booth at this year’s Electronica but we dropped by to see what’s happening.


The photo above shows Mouser’s booth. Can you spot what’s missing?

A day earlier the desk was covered with PIC clickers, we’re told, all of which were snatched in a couple of hours… despite all other freebies available, the ones that are still on the photo.

Over to Farnell’s booth for some click board action. Here’s Thermo click connected to a RIoT board (via the RIoT adaptor).


What else…

A few mikromedias on display at MicroChip’s booth.


Then let’s walk to Conrad’s booth, where every 3 hours, Jackson Bond of relayr was giving WunderBar presentations.


We also spotted WunderBar at Elektor magazine’s booth. Maybe there was a demo there also but we’ve missed it.


By the way, a message to Elektor, where did you get the idea that we have a manufacturing plant in Hungary? 😀

Our one and only manufacturing facility remains right where it was before we left for Munich. After an hour’s flight we’re back home, pockets stuffed with new business cards, ready to forge plans and projects (the WunderBar spun off from a similar event back in February, just to remind you).

Yours sincerely,

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