Our annual post-Embedded World photo report is here.


Pictured above is Sales Representative Sonja preparing to greet you as you approach our stand (and our entire staff waving at you from the TV screen in the background). Many more click boards compared to last year so we had to be more creative in figuring out how to display them (a custom PCB with mikroBUS™-sized pins was used.


Finally meeting in person after months of E-Mail correspondence: Carl Owen, CEO of DSPRobotics posing with our Sales trio together with FlowPaw. Carl wrote about his impressions from Embedded World too, on the FlowPaw website (there’s mention of the Buggy being controlled from FlowStone).


FlowPaw and click boards displayed at Condrad’s stand.


Anyone interested was treated to a detailed introduction to our ecosystem of development boards, compilers, click boards…


Chief of Marketing Aleksandar squeezing some time off between back-to-back meetings to help our Sales team at the stand. Here he’s updating two Microchip employees on new click boards. They seem amused and captivated at the same time. Overall, that was the general impression shared by the majority of people who visited our stand. And that’s what keeps us motivated to do what we do.

Yours sincerely,

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