Holman Tamás from Hungary wrote to us recently to share how he implemented LoRa rf click together with Nano GPS click (full disclosure: Holman is the CEO of ChipCAD, our distributor).

Lora rf click and Nano GPS click

LoRa is a relatively new but promising wireless standard. This testimonial might encourage some of you to experiment with it. On to Holman:

I was very glad when you announced availability of LoRa RF Click before Christmas, a really nice Christmas present for me. We were just experimenting with our LoRaWAN network and with your click board modules we could easily create a LoRa end device that could measure GPS-Glonass coordinates and send to LoRaWAN through an external antenna. The software development with them took not more than a week beside my daily occupations. Then in the last two weeks of January, when we increased number of gateways, my new Micromite Mote equipped by Mikroelektronika click boards helped us to measure coverage of our LoRaWAN. Finally we opened it publically on February 4: Elindítottuk a ChipCAD LoRAWAN hálózatot.

(Use Google translate for the link above)

Holman continues:

Neb told us at the distributor meeting that the mission of Mikroelektronika is “providing time for customers”, that was true in our case, we were able to create and use a very new technology during an extremely short time. Thank you very much!

Thanks you too Holman, for sharing your success story with us.

If some of you have your own success stories involving MikroE products to share, feel free to write to us at mystory at mikroe.com. Include “My Story” in the subject line, and we might publish you here.

Yours sincerely,

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