The ultimate IoT kit for MikroE fans in particular.

Imagination Technologies, the UK technology company that is known, among other things, for the MIPS processor cores (of which MIPS32 M4K is the heart of PIC32) just Kickstarted a new IoT development kit called Creator Ci40.

Creator Ci40 is a self-contained yet expandable IoT kit that includes all the hardware, software and cloud infrastructure needed for building a wireless IoT system. According to Imagination Technologies, the kit “perfectly addresses individual makers inspired to build innovative connected projects at home as well as small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs who want to quickly prototype an IoT platform and then ramp up for volume production.”

It’s the ultimate IoT development kit for MikroElektronika fans in particular – because its hardware is 80% clicker and click boards.

Specifically, the kit comprises a Creator Ci40 development board, three click boards, and two battery-powered 6LoWPAN clicker boards that were designed specifically for this kit.

The Creator Ci40 carries a 550 MHz dual-core, dual-threaded MIPS CPU. That’s plenty computing power to process the sensor readings received from clickers over the 6LoWPAN network. Moreover, the Creator Ci40 has two mikroBUS™ sockets so you can also plug click boards™ directly into it.

Software-wise, the Creator Ci40 will be able to run many different GNU/Linux distributions, like OpenWrt, Debian, Buildroot, but also Google’s Brillo IoT-geared operating system. The accompanying 6LoWPAN clicker will also run an OS, the open-source Contiki RTOS.

No IoT kit is complete without a cloud, so the Creator Ci40 kit comes with a free subscription to FlowCloud, a complete application-independent software platform.

If you’re excited – you’re not alone. The Kickstarter project went live just a few hours ago and it already has 27 backers… whoops… it went up to 28 as I was typing this sentence. Awards for pledges start at £20 (6LoWPAN clicker), while the complete kit runs for £80, or £70 for first 200 backers. The funding deadline is December 23, with an estimated delivery date on April next year.

Go to the Kickstarter page for more detailed information.

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