As the competition deadline is nearing, an elaborate Hexiwear project appears.

This Hexiwear and Alcohol click Breathalyzer with a custom Beer mug casing will let you know where do you stand on the scale form “Sober as a judge” to “Hangover incoming”. It’s one of the more entertaining Hexiwear projects we’ve seen so far.

Below the (foamy) surface, it has substance too: along the 3D-printed casing, it features an Alcohol click hacked to work with 3.3V, a customized Hexiwear interface, and a modified Hexiwear smartphone app.

The sensor is not fully calibrated, so the author includes a disclaimer saying that he will not be held responsible for any “loss of Driving Licenses, underwear, teeth or dignity”.

Go to the project page on to get a complete walkthrough, including descriptions, 3D models, and code snippets.

The submission deadline for the Hexiwear competition is in six days. Time to start wrapping up your projects. The DJI Phantom drone is waiting for you.

Yours sincerely,

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