A fortress for the I2C pins on your target board MCU — I2C Isolator click.

I2C Isolator click

I2C Isolator click carries ISO1540, a low-power, bidirectional isolator. Like any fortress, it has a protective moat — a silicon dioxide barrier that separates the logic input and output buffers.

Two sets of I2C pins are isolated from each other. One on the mikroBUS connector (SDA, SCL), the other on the upper edge of the board (SCL2, SDL2). Having two isolated bidirectional channels for both data and clock lines, I2C Isolator click is suitable for use in applications that have multiple masters.

Based on TI’s Capacitive Isolation technology, the click board is a better alternative to the common opto-coupler, with advantages in performance, size and power consumption.

See the details on the product page. No Libstock example this time, as this click doesn’t require one.

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