This year we’ve released a few click boards that use 1-Wire communications. With I2C 1-Wire click you’ll be able to connect up to eight of those on a single I2C interface.

I2C 1-Wire click

I2C 1 Wire click carries DS2482, a “bridge” that performs bi-directional conversions between I2C masters and 1-Wire slave devices.

The bridge joins two sets of pins. SCL and SDA pins on the mikroBUS™ connector, and eight independently operated 1-Wire I/Os.

As far as 1-Wire clicks go, so far we released Unique ID click, Thermo 2 click and Expand 3 click. Of course you’re not limited to them. When a single wire is enough you can connect temperature sensors, EEPROM chips and similar components. Like in this video here:

The example from the video is on Libstock. More details on the product page

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