Temperature and relative humidity are two very important ambient parameters that are directly related to human comfort. Sometimes, you may be able to bear higher temperatures, if there is a lower relative humidity, such as in hot and dry desert-like environment. However, being in a humid place with not very high temperature may make you feel like melting.

A great tutorial by Embedded Lab shows you how to build your own Humidity and Temperature monitor with StartUSB for PIC board, with code written in mikroC PRO for PIC compiler.

In Part1 of this tutorial, Embedded Lab discussed about SHT1x and SHT7x series of humidity sensors, their interface specifications, the communication protocol used for transferring data in and out of the sensor, and the equations to convert their digital outputs to actual physical quantities.

In Part2 he talks of circuit diagrams, schematics, and source code in mikroC.

Both parts are very interesting, easy to read, and contain very good explanations suitable for beginners, but also for professionals who want applications of more complexity.

Humidity And Temeperature mesurement with StartUSB for PIC
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