The editors of the Play Embedded blog continue to play with their clicker 2 for STM32. First they showed us how to port ChibiOS. Now they are back with instructions how to use the clicker 2 with ST Link v2.

Play Embedded clicker 2 and ST Link 2

We mention in our manuals that clicker 2 for STM32 can be programmed with ST Link v2 but we don’t dwell too much on the details.

If for whatever reason your are inclined to use the ST Link v2 debugger instead of mikroProg for STM32, but didn’t know exactly how, use the post from Play Embedded as your guide.

Instructions for overriding the read/write protection are also included. The writers use OpenOCD for the command prompt, noting that MSYS2 or Windows CMD can also serve the purpose.

There’s only one thing we’d like to add. A tip for those who intend to use ST Link with clicker 2 often. To avoid having to connect the debugger and the clicker with wires each time, we recommend the ST Link adapter we built for the purpose.

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