Microcontroller-projects lists third-party libraries compatible with Flip & click and click boards.

Flip & click

The marriage of mikroBUS™ and Arduino embodied in Flip & click brings out the best in both. Click boards give you an easy way to interface hardware, while the Arduino ecosystem comes with vast amounts of community code.

The author behind the microcontroller-projects.com blog recently shared a list of about a dozen click boards he owns, supplying compatible Arduino libraries for each one, gathered from different resources he found around the web.

The following clicks are covered:

– Buzz click
– SHT1x click
– Thunder click
– Color click
– UV click
– Current click
– various Interrupt-driven click boards
– Vibra click
– Comparator click
– Motion click
– Shift-register based click boards (7Seg, Bargraph click)
– WiFly click

Following the example from the blog, you can search google for sensors on click boards that interest you, and discover whether you can find a shortcut that you can apply with Flip & click.

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