Two new unboxing videos let you see what you’re really getting with MikroElektronika products…

Opinions are split on the unboxing video phenomenon. For some it’s just another form of junk content contributing more noise to our information-overloaded digital world.

For others, it recreates the thrill of finally getting your hands on the object of your desire. First you researched, then you decided what you want, maybe you hesitated a bit before ordering, at the end you did, and then you waited. All the while the anticipation was building up, will the product deliver what it promised? Will it live up to the marketing hype? Were the reviews true? At last, having the package in front of you, the sweet tension peaks. It’s seconds away from either satisfaction or disappointment.

Some people savor the moment as they slowly peel individual layers of packaging, examining every piece, paying attention to every detail. Others rip through the cardboard in a rush to get going immediately.

Here we have examples of both approaches.

Ahmed unboxing his mikroProg for PIC dsPIC and PIC32 is the methodical one, giving you his detailed review along the way (highlight: when he gets suprised by the pin schematic printed on the underside of the mikroProg casing at 4:44)

At the other end, here’s Hadi with his brand new GSM click, getting it from box to dev. board in 150 seconds, no talk, all action:

Say what you will about unboxing videos, but they are a great way to see what you’re really getting. It’s easy to make a cheaply made product look good in an advertisement. So if experience taught you to be skeptical when looking at product shots in our store, we hope these videos will convince you that you really are getting the good stuff from us.

Yours sincerely,

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