Seems like everybody from the Baby boomer generation knows how to solder things. Later generations grew up watching their dads expertly fix toys and home appliances. Some picked up the skill. There is, however, a surprising number of younger people that didn’t. Even among developers. Let’s fix that.

Through hole soldering

Today we interviewed one of our resident soldering experts. We wanted to create a simple introductory guide to soldering through-hole components to cover the essentials in a concise manner. The resulting article explains how to choose a proper soldering iron tip, soldering wire, and what to do with them.

What you are aiming for is correct timing and a nice cone-like solder joint. A few guidelines is everything you need to start. Afterwards, it all comes down to practice.

We will continue on the same subject so please give us feedback on what you want to see.

What else do you want to read?

Our goal is to diversify the content on To give you material that isn’t strictly related to MikroE products but more universally applicable.

To that end, please let us know what you would like to read on We interviewed our staff to determine who’s an expert on what. We will cross-reference that list with the list containing all the answers to this mini survey.

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