A few weeks ago we sent out a newsletter asking you to send us your stories about how you’re using MikroElektronika products…

After all, we’re tool makers, our dev. kits are a means to an end, it’s up to you to give them purpose. So when an item is being shipped from our warehouse out to the world, there’s no telling how it will be put to use, what will become of it. It’s like sending your kid off to college basically.

So like proud parents boasting about their little ones, we’ll be sharing with you some of the stories we’ve received, with the hopes it’ll inspire you with your own projects.

For example, check out this EasyPIC v7 equipped classroom from the Secondary technical school VTI-Roeselare from Belgium.

EasyPIC classroom

Willy Lievens & Franky Mestdagh: “The 10 EasyPIC v7 development boards were integrated in 10 stylish microcontroller desks. The finish encourages our future electronics engineers to enjoy techno-fun. A sidekick: Course content can be more colorful, warmer with more fun and some philosophy.”

EasyPIC classroom

The yellow text reads:“It’s microcontroller time and EasyPIC v7 mikroC-logic brings you from port-A to port-B. Imagination brings you anywhere.”

EasyPIC classroom

“Our rainbow gallery bridge is an application for the MicroC PRO for PIC PWM-library. Every student can control, with the EasyPIC v7 board, his own RGB-LED strip rainbow. This is color fun in overdrive…”

EasyPIC classroom

“The functional code samples, full functional application sources and the breadth of add-on boards were amazing, as were the schematics.”EasyPIC v7 was a worthwhile investment for our school and our students.”

Thanks Willy Lievens & Franky Mestdagh for sending us this report!

If you have a story of our own to share with us, just send us a message at marketing@mikroe.com, include “My Story” in the subject line.

This is one of many messages we received from all around the world, so stay tuned for more stories coming up.

Yours sincerely,

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