Train collision detection system based on clicker 2 and several click boards.

Train colission system with click board

Engineers save more lives than surgeons. It’s not obvious because people rarely get credit for something that didn’t happen. Engineers spend a lot of time designing solutions that would prevent bad things from happening.

One example of such a solution is the train collision detection system that Mr. Dogan Ibrahim shared with us. It’s a design that incorporates several of our boards, starting with a clicker 2 for PIC18FJ that provides the central MCU. Buzz click and GPS click provide additional functionality, together with a wireless transceiver module from Radiometrix.

The whole setup is mounted on a train. A breadboard test prototype is shown on the image below. Each unit transmits heading and speed data while simultaneously receiving information from other units installed on other trains.

If two trains are traveling on the same track towards each other, the serial LCD screen will show an estimated time to a possible collision.

The whole project was developed by engineers from Radiometrix, a leading global developer of ISM Band/ SRD FM low power radio modules.

We are sharing it because the last time we showed you a project from Prof. Ibrahim, it was our top read post for the whole month. It was also an 8-bit PIC-based design, a multifunctional weather station.

Professor Dogan Ibrahim is an author of several practical books on embedded development based on mikroC. The last one we showed was an introduction to ARM MCUs. There are more upcoming publications we are yet to present.

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