Industrial-grade pressure sensor combined with an accessible library that greatly simplifies development.

The staff of reports that readers there started asking for more examples of industrial applications for embedded development. Today’s click board™ gave them material to work with. It carries an absolute pressure sensor with extremely high accuracy ±0.25% FSS BFSL.

Promises in data sheets sometimes ring hollow unless the vendor’s logo stands for a brand with a proven track record. In this case, you can be assured that it’s a robust and reliable solution – Honeywell’s HSCMAND060PA3A3 absolute pressure sensor.

It’s a highly accurate pressure sensor suitable for demanding industrial applications (robotics, automotive, aircraft, HVAC, food production, engine controls, agriculture and more).

We tested it with a decidedly pre-industrial apparatus – a pair of human lungs blowing through a straw. But we wrote a library that will allow you to simply and effectively implement it for a more productive end. The barbed port accepts 4.93 mm (0.19”) tubing.

Summary on the product page. Instructions in the article. Code on Libstock, and all the links at one place at


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