A central hub for all things Hexiwear.

Hexiwear joini the community

After a brief stint at the mikroe.com domain, the Hexiwear website is back on its own address: www.hexiwear.com. The decision to keep it separate from the MikroE website was made to emphasize the unique nature of the project. Hexiwear was developed in partnership with NXP, and made possible through a crowd funding campaign. It’s also open source. As such, we feel it doesn’t belong only to us, but to the entire community whose support made it possible.

The website is furnished with a blog and a forum.

We invite everyone – Kickstarter backers and other customers alike – to join the forum and share their Hexiwear experience. One section is devoted specifically for your feedback for a possible future version of Hexiwear.

The forum will be populated with relevant material as we go. Let the adventure begin.

Yours sincerely,

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