Learn more about Hexiwear from some of the questions and answers from Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Q&A

1. Is it waterproof (for use as weather station)?

Not waterproof at this point. It could probably withstand a light drizzle but we recommend that you keep it sheltered from the elements. It shouldn’t be a problem because it’s small enough

2. I know it depends upon the efficiency of the programmer and the use it’s put to, but how long will the battery keep the unit running before being fully discharged?

There’s just too many possible scenarios for using Hexiwear to give this kind of estimate. Theoretically, it could go all day. But you could also drain it in an hour. Unlike consumer devices it’s hard to pin down what would constitute normal use. There are about 10 different chips (MCU+BLE+sensors) plus the screen and the vibro motor. You probably won’t use all of them at once, you can put them in sleep mode at various points, so it really depends. You can get a sense of it by comparing the battery (190 mAh) with some other wearables (relative to the hardware inside)

3. If it isn’t too late could we add iWatch style wireless charging to the hardware?

We are looking into adding stretch goals. I’ll have to get back to you on that one specifically.

4. What Bluetooth profiles does it support (e.g. HID, MIDI, ANCS, etc.)?

At the moment, of the Services defined by the Bluetooth standard, the firmware supports Device Information Service (DIS) and Battery Service (BS). Other services are custom built for Hexiwear.

5. Will it support two way Bluetooth communication, e.g send sensor readings to a phone, receive a message from a phone to display it on the screen?

The custom developed services are also enabling two-way communications between phones and Hexiwear

7. How long will the battery take to charge from empty to full?

Two hours max

8. Is there a possibility to get more than a single soft cover? I love the black one, but sometimes I feel blue 😉

Once we go into full production we will be able to make those available

9. Will you consider adding a reward option of getting two or three of them? Currently, we can get either 1, or 50. The difference is too large.

We will, if enough people ask for it. So far looks like there is interest.

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