After running for three days the campaign is 75% funded. Some people want more.

Hexiwear rewards

People want more Hexiwear than we offered :). One of the most oft-asked questions we received during the campaign is how can one acquire more than one unit? It makes sense. Hexiwear is affordable and versatile. People probably have too many ideas for a single device.

That’s why we are introducing new options, allowing you to pledgebuy two, three, six or twelve units. Two or three will let you share your prototypes with friends. You can also use it to test the same firmware in different environments. Six or twelve (Hexipack or double Hexipack) are ideal for teams. Instead of taking turns, developers can work on their wearable/IoT projects concurrently. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here’s the breakdown:

Standard Twin pack – $98 (Hexiwear + soft cover + bracelet) x2 Introduced by popular demand. Two Hexiwears, double the fun.

Triple treat Standard pack – $147 (Hexiwear + soft cover + bracelet) x3 Introduced by popular demand, with three Hexiwears you can prototype even faster. Try the same firmware in different environments, or use each one in a different application.

Hexipack – $294 (Hexiwear + soft cover + bracelet) x6 Introduced by popular demand, six Hexiwears

Double Hexipack – $588 (Hexiwear + soft cover + bracelet) x12

We had to limit the quantities of Early Bird packs to make sure we can deliver these new rewards. So if you want to get Hexiwear at the best possible price, hurry up!

Finally, a reminder. Even if you pledge, you will get a Hexiwear only if our campaign reaches its funding goal. It’s pretty close, but to make sure, help us spread the word by sharing and liking on Facebook and Twitter and so forth.

Yours sincerely,

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