If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, now you can now pre-order Hexiwear from our website. Shipping in June.

Hexiwear banner news

Offered separately we have Hexiwear, the Hexiwear Power User Pack, the Hexiwear Docking Station on its own, and finally, four different color packs for Hexiwear accessories.

See the details on the updated Hexiwear webpage. Make sure to check out the cool redesigned bracelet and the new look of all the different screens as well.

All of this was made made possible thanks to our great Kickstarter community. This is also a notice to backers who are expecting their Early Bird Power User Packs. We have been experiencing some delays to our promised schedule, but the problems have been cleared now.

The next round of Kickstarter shipments will be shipped this week.

Regular orders will be shipped immediately after we service all Kickstarter backers, so you can expect shipment in June. Be among the first to own Hexiwear, choose your kit now.

Yours sincerely,

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