Thanks for all your support! We reached our funding goal just in time to celebrate – it’s Saturday night in our time zone. It took us less than a week. Looks like we’re really onto something with Hexiwear.

Hexiwear just got funded!
Hexiwear just got funded!

We reached our goal! Now, there are more than 30 days to go with the campaign. Let’s see how interested you really are ;). Starting next week, be on the lookout for stretch goals. We listened to your feedback and some of it will be included in what’s to come. But you will also be surprised.

We believed in this project from its earlier inception. From the vague idea, to cardboard cutouts to first prototypes. But now when we see how many of you believe in it as well, its wind in our sails. We will work even harder to bring you the best possible version of Hexiwear!

All the best,
MikroE Hexiwear Team

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