Hexiwear Battery Pack lets you add a new functionality to Hexiwear — GPS, WiFi, NFC, or anything else available through 250+ click boards — while still keeping it a standalone device (powered by 4 standard AAA batteries).

It’s like it turned eighteen and it’s moving out to live like an adult. A truly proud moment for us all here.

A bit more than a year has passed since the previous Embedded World fair, and since we here at MikroElektronika are people pleasers, we granted your wishes just in time for this year’s fair. Like a magic tech genie, we bring you a possibility to expand the functionality of Hexiwear while keeping the overall prototype compact.

Expanding your possibilities

Hexiwear Battery Pack also features a mikroBUS™ socket for click board™ connectivity. Add a click board™ of your choice and expand your possibilities with Hexiwear.

You could add sensors, wireless communication, audio and voice click boards™ and more.

Take it anywhere

The design of the board is simple and modern, so it goes perfectly with Hexiwear itself.

The small notch in the upper corner is quite handy – you can use it to hang the Hexiwear Battery Pack on a wall. Maybe a tree if you’re going to a picnic.

Let us know in the comments section what is your idea for the best combination of a battery powered Hexiwear and a click board.

For more information about the Hexiwear Battery Pack check out the product page.

Yours Sincerely,

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