Hexiwear 3D files available to download

Late holiday gift for 3D designers and enthusiasts.

The Hexiwear 3D design files are now available on the download page on hexiwear.com. The package contains the complete project STL files ready for 3D printing. We supplied not only the Hexiwear casing and front mask, but also the wristband and soft cover designs. Those of you with access to 3D printers can now produce the Hexiwear casings in any color.

The package also contains a STEP file for those who want to alter more than the color (STEP is a standard 3D product model data file which can be used with any 3D design software).

We provided pdf previews for all included files, along with a reference jpeg with renders.

Many embedded designers and makers are also tinkering with CAD modeling. We hope that these 3D files will be one extra winter holiday source of joy. For a perfect example of how you can have fun with Hexiwear 3D designs, check out the award-winning iBreathe Breathalyzer project.

The files are available in the downloads tab on hexiwear.com, or you can download him directly by clicking here.

Yours sincerely,

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