Finall call for Hexiwear on Kickstarter.


Two and a half days left for Hexiwear on Kickstarter. Just over 500 backers so far. Two stretch goals have been met. For anyone who has been wavering, the next 56 hours are your last chance to get Hexiwear at Kickstarter prices.

The IoT dev kit will, of course, be available from our store. Kickstarter backers, however, will have the privilege of getting it first (early birds followed by everyone else). Watch the Kickstarter video once more, read the specs and descriptions. Browse the comment section where we answered questions, and make your call.

If you have already pledged, thanks for the support! The product will be better than we initially conceived because of you (our software team is just finalizing the notification feature). We are also excited about the possibility of reaching the next goal.

Yours sincerely,

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