MikroE forum member Toley found a Flip & click bracket on Thingverse.

Flip & click on Thingverse

A convergence of 3D printing and IoT with Flip & click in the middle. This simple bracket – with a hexagonal pattern we can appreciate – complements the author’s Weather station project posted on Github.

Weather stations, the staple of Makers around the world, are simple to execute with click boards. This one takes two: a Weather click (same one we used on our own Flip & click Weather Station) and a WiFi3 click.

All one has to do is have a look at the chips on particular click boards and find compatible Arduino libraries that float around the Internet. In other words, use your Google skills first, then use your programming expertise to customize as necessary.

Cloud connectivity is, in this case, enabled through SmartLiving Maker, one of many services that provides long term data logging solutions.

If you want to print a nifty bracket for your Flip & click, download the file from Thingverse. To learn more about the Weather station project, go to GitHub.

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