Teodor from microcontroller-projects.com (a great blog you should check out) had some bad luck with Hexiwear and the Docking Station. For us, it was surprising since our own Hexiwears got plenty of use with the Docking Station without any hazard.

We spent some time trying to replicate the scenario that caused Teo’s Hexiwear to break. We tried several ways of connecting Hexiwear to the Docking Station. And while we can’t cover all possibilities and use cases, we figured out the two most important ones:

a) How to connect your Hexiwear to the Docking Station to eliminate the possibility of breaking it
b) How to try connecting your Hexiwear to almost certainly damage it.

The result is this 90 second MUST WATCH video covering both a and b, to ensure that you keep your Hexiwear in one piece while using it with the Docking Station.

If anyone had experiences similar to Teodor’s, please contact our support team at helpdesk.mikroe.com

P.S. Teodor, thanks for sending the feedback.

Yours sincerely,

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