Our annual Halloween sale is back!


Get ready for Halloween! PIC a disguise. ARM yourself against witches and goblins. Put a SpeakUp inside a pumpkin. Protect against pranksters with Motion click. Create eye-candy with OLED C click. Sugar is bad for teeth—instead get a bag full of click boards for trick-or-treat. Or if you’re really into candy do a bait-and-switch with a Wunderbar. Fend off the looming horde of deadlines approaching you—build a bunch of quick prototypes with clicker 2. Get an EasyPIC or EasyMx on your desk and never be spooked out by scary complex development projects again.

Our entire catalog is 13% OFF this Halloween. Offer lasts from Thursday October 29, 10 AM CET, until Monday November 3, 5 PM CET.

Yours sincerely,

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