Do you want to learn how to remotely control the lights or the room temperature of your home? Do you want to know how to send an SMS and open the garage door? The new book from Dogan Ibrahim and Ahmet Ibrahim is designed to teach you how to use GSM/GPRS modems in MCU-based projects.

Start with the basic architecture of the GSM network and move forward to GSM click board™ characteristics, AT commands, sending and receiving in text mode, and more.

GSM click is the leading star of the book. For the PIC based projects, the PIC18F87J50 microcontroller was used. The same one we have on our mikromedia for PIC18FJ and clicker 2 for PI18FJ.

The last chapter of the book offers several GPRS projects you can learn from.

You can read the first few chapters on Elektor Magazine article about the book.

GSM click

GSM click features Telit’s GL865-QUAD module. The module has worldwide coverage – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies.

The click contains TXB0106 6-bit bidirectional voltage-level translator, for interfacing components that operate on different voltages from one another.

For more information about GSM click see the product page.

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