John B who reviewed the SpeakUp some while ago, did a good job showcasing our own example for the GSM2 click in his new video. See how it works, grab the code for Libstock, and assess whether a GSM click might be useful for you.

GSM is a reliable and robust solution for communicating with your devices, since you get cell-tower signal almost anywhere these days, and your phone is probably with you at all times.

Indeed that’s why our two GSM clicks have been among our top 5 selling click boards for a long time. Whether it’s the original GSM click with Telit’s module, or the later-released GSM2 click with the Queltec module. We just might add a few more.

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed the video, know that John B is very active on Youtube, posting a few videos a week. More than a few of them features either mikroC or an EasyPIC Fusion v7 he keeps atop his desk.

For example here’s a recent 20-minute tutorial on how to control a LED ring, with mikroC code:

If you find John’s videos useful, let him know by liking and commenting on his YouTube channel.

Yours sincerely,

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