Today we’re releasing GSM booster board – a perfect replacement for your Telit GM862 module.


GSM Booster is a pin-compatible replacement for Telit GM862-QUAD module while retaining the same form factor of this popular, yet obsolete module. GSM Booster contains Telit’s new GL865-QUAD GSM module, MMCX GSM antenna connector, SIM card holder and CSTP 50 pin vertical SMD molex connector (male) for further connection. It can be used on MikroElektronika development boards such as SmartGM862, PICPLC16 v6, AVRPLC16 v6, PICPLC4 v6 or EasyGSM/GPRS GM862.

Telit GL865-QUAD is highly Efficient Quad-band GSM/GPRS class 10 module. It features Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack and supports the m2mLOCATE Cell-ID based global-positioning feature.

We invite you to visit board webpage for more information.

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