Remember when you were young and all you wanted was a remote-controlled toy car? Well, you can revisit those days and have some fun by controlling the Buggy over your phone.

Nenad and Zoran, made an interesting tutorial on ESP8266 webserver and driving the Buggy over a simple green-red interface.

Use your finger to drive the Buggy. It’s simple and intuitive — green means go, red means stop.

driving the Buggy video

Web server and interface

The web server is based on ESP8266 filesystem, and the interface uses the HTML5 canvas that displays a gradient pattern. To see the code for the web server, the interface and the driver code, check out their tutorial here.

The Buggy

Let’s be honest, the Buggy is like the most handsome boy in your high school, the one that has really good hair and an amazing car. This four-wheeled workstation offers a unique opportunity to test your prototype in the real world, the moment you finish making it.

For more information about the Buggy, take a look at the product page.

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